Dear Delegators,

We would like to inform you that we ended the marketing campaign with Crew Labs and have renamed the validator back to "RadixCharts Node".

This means that the monthly airdrop of $crew coin will stop. We will continue with alternative airdrops and/ or raffles of tokens, meme coins and NFTs for which we will consider your wishes and ideas. Since we are publicly accused of scamming, we would like to make the following statements:

  • The RadixCharts Node was founded by the RadixCharts Team in June 2023.

  • In August 2023 Crew Labs joined for a marketing campaign.

  • Crew Labs has delegated 1.3m $xrd in stake on the node to help reaching the top 100 validators.

  • Furthermore they contributed 100m $crew coins each month as incentive for delegated stakes.

  • As a return they received 49% of the earned validator fees (after expenses).

  • Full ownership of the validator keys and owner badge is at RadixCharts.

  • Server infrastructure is fully owned by RadixCharts.

  • The RadixCharts team continued the operation and maintenance of the node, took care of the marketing activities and the distribution of airdrops.

It turned out that the $crew coin does not receive community appreciation, and the value is continuously decreasing. On 07/03/2024 the head of Crew Labs announced via Twitter that he will leave the Radix community and all his funds were unstaked from the RadixCharts Node on 14/03/2024.

As we want to provide the best customer experience to our delegators, we took the decision to end the marketing campaign and informed Crew Labs a few days ago. The fee share of 9182 $xrd has just been paid out. The provided incentives of 700.000.000 $crew in total have a current value of 2418 $xrd which means Crew Labs has earned 6764 $xrd on this marketing campaign.

We are not ending the campaign in bad faith and wish the Crew Labs team all the best on their further journey.

Again, we would like to emphasise that the node’s operation is 100% in the hands of the RadixCharts team and there is no need to worry about your stake, your rewards or future incentives.

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