XRD Account Sizes

Fish chart

This chart is calculating the number of accounts holding a specific amount of XRD on the Radix network and groups it into categories named like sea creatures. That's why it is sometimes called fish chart.

It contains:

  • XRD that is hold by the account (in cash)

  • Staked XRD, i.e. LSUs converted to XRD

It does not contain:

  • XRD hold in pools

  • any XRD value of alt coins

  • eXRD values

Please be aware that the only filter is on accounts with at least 5 XRD. This means, that e.g. the following account types are also in the calculation:

  • Exchanges

  • Foundation

  • Stable coin reserve

These usually hold a lot of XRD and therefore might make a big portion of the biggest category "Humpback".

On the other hand one person or legal entity might have split their funds into several accounts which might let them be shown in smaller account groups. There is no way to find out what is actually belonging to one individual.

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